News: Quattracenta Preview New Album with ‘What There Is’

Baltimore post-punk trio Quattracenta have announced new album II, produced by J. Robbins (The Dismemberment Plan, Jawbreaker, The Promise Ring), out on Bob Nastanovich’s (Pavement, Silver Jews) Brokers Tip Records on October 16.

“What There Is” is a slow-building, gloomy, post-punk track that falls somewhat parallel to Sonic Youth’s moodier output. Vocalist and guitarist Sarah Matas solidifies the track’s strength with ominous lines like, “When hatred is the air you breathe, the blood upon your hands stains eternally.”

Before the album’s release on 12-inch vinyl, “What There Is” will feature as the A-side for a seven-inch release.

Pre-order II and the What There Is seven-inch here.

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