News: Queen of Swords Releases Sophomore Album

Aerin Fogel, founder and artistic director for Venus Fest, has released her second solo album under the solo moniker of Queen of Swords. The album, entitled Year 8, was released on June 9 on Get Better Records.

Fogel works as a healing arts practitioner in her daily life, which is something she says informs her work as a musician. “I think about songs as a lot like mantras,” Fogel explains. “If you write a song, and then you play it live for years, you’re repeating those words over and over to yourself and others. So I consider this when songwriting. Is this something I want to be repeating? I try to use a healing framework in the way that I write as something that I want to be repeated and listened to over and over again.”

The album is available for preorder on cassette on Get Better Records’ website. Make sure to follow the artist on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for future updates.

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