Fresh off the heels of his debut Tiny Shapes, R.E. Seraphin has followed up with a short and sweet, 12-inch EP, A Room Forever. Featuring six acoustic-driven but deeply melodic songs (including a cover by Luna), A Room Forever is every bit the small-scale rock triumph as its predecessor. 

R.E. Seraphin, the new moniker of ex-Talkies frontman Ray Seraphin, makes jangling power pop that finds itself somewhere between paisley pop and post-punk. Each track is beautifully constructed: chiming guitar leads and a hushed yet wobbly vocal delivery that adds a sneering moodiness and lurking romanticism. Fans of Peter Perrett (The Only Ones), Mazzy Star-era David Roback and The Feelies will find much love for R.E. Seraphin.

Watch his video for the first song, “Clock Without Hands,” below.

Hear more at his website.


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