News: Rammstein Announce Exclusive ‘Sehnsucht Anniversary Edition’

Following the release of “Limited Anniversary Edition” of their debut album Herzeleid (‘Heartbreak’), German legends Rammstein plan to revisit their sophomore album Sehnsucht (‘Longing’). The album was originally released in August 1997. Sehnsucht (‘Longing’) peaked at Number 1 on the German and Austrian charts back in time. The Sehnsucht Anniversary Edition will be out soon.


Bestrafe mich
Du hast
Bück dich
Spiel mit mir
Alter Mann
Küss mich (Fellfrosch)
Spiel mit mir (2023 Mix)


According to the press release:

“To millions heroes, to others villains, there’s no question that ‘Sehnsucht’—the band’s first official release in the U.S—was the album that fully shaped who Rammstein were, what they sounded like, and what they stood for. ‘Sehnsucht’ underlined in red pen just how intriguing, and singular, they really were, and just where that collective mind was prepared to go, starting with the sleeve itself.”

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Photo courtesy of Rammstein

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