One time drummer for The Damned, and full time punk rock legend Rat Scabies has released his latest project. It is his remix of a solo track by former Hawkwind singer/lyricist Robert Calvert. The song is called “Lord of the Hornets”, and comes from the 1981 LP Hype. The collaboration even transcends the grave, as Calvert passed away in 1988. 

Scabies has this to say about his old friend, “I loved his approach to making music and his ability to write great lyrics about the most random and everyday topic. It was with a great deal of respect and caution that I approached a remix of one of his best-known songs.”

The “Lord of the Hornets” remix also includes contributions from Chris Constantinou (Adam Ant, One Thousand Motels) and Billy Shinbone (Neville Staple Band, the Sinclairs). Watch below, or stream it in all of its mindbending glory here.


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