News: Regional Justice Center’s New Album is Out this Friday!

Alright all you juvenile delinquents, listen up! You’ve been good this year so far, so Ian Shelton and his gang have decided to give you a new album’s worth of hardcore riffs and iron-clad, knuckle-sandwich grooves for you to gnaw feverishly on while locked in your cells to knock out the last of your baby teeth. The album is titled Crime and Punishment and will be out this Friday, March 5, 3021 via Closed Casket Activities.

And because we feel like it, not because we think you deserve it, we’re going to let you read a quote from Ian himself, explaining his new record to you. Aren’t we nice? Try not to let your little pea brain get overwhelmed by his brilliance…

“I realized part way through writing that I was making a record about my roots and the way they shaped who I am,” Shelton explains. “The first half of the record is about cause and the second half is about consequence.” 

Sounds like Ian has had a little trouble with the law and keeping his nose clean as well. I guess you and him aren’t so different after all.

To get you extra hyped, here is one last cut from the new album for you to check out, it’s called “Dust Off.” You can let it rip below:

“Dust Off” stands out as an exceptionally vicious Regional Justice Center track–no small feat on an album as pummeling as Crime and Punishment. From its blistering opening blast to the truly crushing breakdown that closes the song, “Dust Off” makes it clear that the band are masters of extreme dynamics on a level that few can touch. 

Photo by Mark Palm.

Preorder Crime and Punishment from Closed Casket Activities.

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