Remo Drive are back and louder than ever with their new single, “Star Worship,” and announcement about their latest record, A Portrait of an Ugly Man, out June 26 via Epitaph.

A slice of tremolo-heavy, classic rock filtered through the lens of the gunslinging American West, Remo Drive’s third album, A Portrait of an Ugly Man finds them truly in their element—both physically and sonically.

Whereas the Paulsons filtered their buoyant songwriting through the concise lens of storytellers like Bruce Springsteen and The Killers on Natural, Everyday Degradation, A Portrait of an Ugly Man is more spontaneous, bolstered by the same charm and levity that made 2017’s Greatest Hits such an underground favorite.

“I wanted to get back to playing guitar the way I used to, and then throw songwriting on top of that,” Erik says. “On the last album, I approached playing guitar in a more songwriter-y way. I had really scaled it back so it wouldn’t be as hard for me to sing and play simultaneously, but the guitar is way more forward again now.”

While touring plans have been put on hold due to COVID-19 measures, the band have several, upcoming livestreaming performances.

To keep up with Remo Drive and touring updates, visit their website here. The record will be available digitally and on vinyl. For more info and to pre-order A Portrait of an Ugly Man, go here.


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