News: Reside Release Punchy New Single ‘Eden’

Melbourne emo rock band Reside have released their new single “Eden,’ a punchy song that features distorted guitars, gristly vocals, and subtle synth ambience.  The song deals with the matter of seeking support in a source that you think of as a safe place, only to perceive that it has turned against you. It can be any source, such as friendships, romantic relationships, or working environments. “Eden” is produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by vocalist Liam Guinane.

Watch the official visualizer of “Eden” created by Ariel Johnson on YouTube:

Vocalist and songwriter Liam Guinane shares his thoughts:

“Lyrically the story takes place in the Garden of Eden, which felt fitting as a metaphor for a song about finding somewhere that you wish to be safe in, only to find out it has every intention of rejecting and turning against you. Musically the song throws back to early Reside, but explores a more mature and focussed sound.”



Liam Guinane – vocals
Ariel Johnson – guitars
Will Eggleton – guitars
Salé Brown – bass
Dylan Houston – drums and keyboards

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Photo courtesy of Reside

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