News: Revelation Records Reissues Bold’s ‘Speak Out’ For 35th Anniversary

New York hardcore group Bold originally released their debut album Speak Out in 1988, and after 35 years, it’s widely regarded as a pivotal release to the world of straight-edge hardcore music and the youth crew movement.

Now, Revelation Records is reissuing Speak Out. Putting together the total package, the album has been remastered and pressed on color vinyl with bonus full-color, 40-page LP booklet designed by the John Scharbach (Give/Shining Life Press), packaged in an embossed gatefold jacket, as well as on limited cassette. The accompanying booklet features a visual history of the band’s earlier years through live photos, flyers, and zine clippings.

Reminiscing on Speak Out, Bold vocalist Matt Warnke states: “We quickly became part of a burgeoning scene whose message, values, ideas and vision for an improved version of society was starting to take hold within a significant segment of those we were connected through within the hardcore scene. We made the decision to change the name of the band to Bold (originally Crippled Youth) for perception reasons and wanted the album which became Speak Out to represent the name change and our overall ambitions and view of things…The four of us spent a good deal of time recording the tracks which make up this record, and feel this version gives justice to the time that we all put into it.”

Speak Out Tracklist:

Side One

1. Talk Is Cheap
2. Nailed To The X
3. Now Or Never
4. Always Try
5. Clear

Side Two

1. Intro
2. Change Within
3. Accept The Blame
4. Wise Up
5. Still Strong
6. Search

Listen to the remastered version of Speak Out by Bold here:

Purchase Revelation Records’ 35th anniversary release of Speak Out by Bold here.

Photo courtesy of Bold (1988)

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