Canadian black metal act Revenge recently streamed their brand new album, Strike.Smother.Dehumanize, in full, a day ahead of its release. Check out the full stream below!


1. Reaper Abyss (Real Rain) (03:03)

2. Reign Power (Above All Born) (03:00)

3. Oath Violator (03:43)

4. Salvation Smothered (Genocide of Flock) (05:03)

5. Human Animal (03:49)

6. Excommunication (01:58)

7. Lightning Mythos (04:43)

8. Self Segregation (System Torched) (04:15)

9. Death Hand (Strike Dehumanization) (01:54)

10. Apostasy Imposed (Takeover Mode) (05:22)

Total: 0:36:50

Revenge return with Strike.Smother.Dehumanize, the follow up to their 2015 album Behold.Total.Rejection. With Behold.Total.Rejection, the band caused a stir in the underground scene by signing to Season of Mist. In what many saw as an unorthodox move by both band and label, it caused long-time fans and critics alike to speculate on the outcome. Upon the release of Behold.Total.Rejection, the Canadians proved all who had questioned this unexpected alliance wrong, by releasing one of the most successful and over the top albums in their discography.

Strike.Smother.Dehumanize was released May 22nd via Season of Mist, and is available to order HERE.


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