Following in the footsteps of the previous single ‘High School Can’t Last Forever,’ there’s no slowing down Vancouver based artist Rich Chambers. Based around a simple yet effective melody, this is the sort of track that will leave you leaning for your hairbrush while you sing the lyrics into your new ‘microphone’.

Speaking about the new release, Rich Chambers shares, “Those who know me, know that I often talk about how personal songwriting is or how I am often trying to reflect upon some aspect of the human condition and/or experience in a song, but they also know that a part of me also fully embraces and enjoys the ‘guilty pleasure’ aspect of music and songwriting. Not all songs have to mean something. Sometimes a song is simply about enjoying the music and having fun, which is where ‘I Wonder’ comes from. The song was a pile of fun to write and even more fun to record!”


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