News: Riot Fest and System Seltzers Team Up to Launch 2022 Festival Beverage

Riot Fest have teamed up with System Seltzers to launch their exclusive festival beverage Riot Pop!!

System Seltzers are a pioneering beverage brand and have teamed up with Riot Fest to make a special beverage for those attending the festival.

The drinks will be sold only on-site at Riot Fest. Riot Pop!! are refreshing seltzers with electrolytes, naturally gluten free and will be available in two flavors, Black Cherry (Cherry On!!) And Mango (Du-Mango 95).

In addition, Riot Pop!! will mark the festival debut of The First Inclusive Drinking System™, with each respective flavor being sold as a 0%, 5% and 8% ABV (alcohol by volume) option, providing something for those engaging with alcohol or not. Riot Pop!! 5% and 8% ABV options only available for attendees 21+.

“As longtime fans and attendees, Riot Fest has always been one of the most authentic and welcoming spaces we have been a part of. As scenes evolve, so does the modern festival drinking experience. We are beyond stoked for the debut of Riot Pop!! and The First Inclusive Drinking System™ at this year’s festival, providing a beverage option for everyone, whether you are engaging with alcohol or not.” Says Co-founder of System SeltzersAnthony Spina about the beverage

To celebrate, the teams will launch the Riot Pop!! Lounge on the grounds of the fest, complete with a custom-built half pipe showcasing surprise pro and emerging skaters, art installations and murals curated by All Star Press, an arcade zone supplied by Logan Arcade as well as the occasional surprise pizza drop from Professor Pizza and Chicago Pizza Summit. This provides a primo spot to relax between bands and immerse yourself in some of Chicago’s emerging artists and skaters while toasting with Riot Pop!! Artists include Bird Milk, Tubs, Jeff Pak and Kozmo.

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