News: RITUALZ Shares Single

Dark electronic-pop project RITUALZ, has shared new single, “DOSE.”

The new track is the third single to be released off RITUALZ’s upcoming record, RADICAL MACABRO.

The record showcases 7 track maxi-singles, including remixes from ØLVE and Lana del Rabies, a cover of RAZORBLADE SKY by English band Queenadreena and more.

“This is a song about getting on psychiatric medication to manage depression and anxiety and the defeat it signifies to the idea of “being normal.”” Shares RITUALZ about his new track. “Musically the song is reminiscent of the first RITUALZ EP, CDR, with its mix of Drone and Dark Trance, which should be a treat to old time listeners, then adds a catchy alt-metal inspired hook that I should clarify, is strictly electronic (there are no guitars on this song), and the quiet/loud dynamics of the song are meant to represent the highs and lows of dealing with the subject matter. It’s one of the most conceptual pieces of music I’ve made with this project.”

RITUALZ, once part of the first wave of witch house acts the one man band has since branched out to explore other styles like darkwave, industrial, noise and dark ambient, crafting a style of his own. 


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