News: Rosie Thorne releases ‘You’re My Future’ video

Rosie Thorne, the side project of Mannequin Pussy’s Marisa Dabice has dropped a new synth-pop anthem entitled “You’re My Future.”

With initial designs on the project taking off in a bigger way pre-pandemic, the collaboration with fellow Mannequin Pussy member Max Steen has been reignited with the new single, the first since 2018 debut, “Slick” (listen here).

The new Rosie Thorne video stars a real life non-binary, trans couple who are also part of the Deaf and CODA (Child of a Deaf Adult) communities.

Dabice goes onto elaborate on the story behind the video:

“I’m so deeply interested in human connection and the ways in which we express ourselves through love. How we show our devotion and our interest and our intent. There are so many different ways that we use language to demonstrate our love for another person. ‘You’re My Future’ attempts to capture how it feels to realize that the person you are falling in love with may be by your side forever.”

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