News: Ruby The Hatchet Release First Video Single and New Album Details

Ruby The Hatchet have released the literally killer video clip “Thruster” as the first single from the forthcoming album Fear Is a Cruel Master. The New Jersey psychedelic heavy rockers will present their hotly anticipated new full-length on October 21.

Watch the stunning video for “Thruster,” which follows the exploits of a murderous gang of female bikers in the style of a ’70’s B-movie in glorious Technicolor:

Ruby The Hatchet comment:

“The first single, ‘Thruster’, is an up-tempo, standout song that our drummer Owen brought to the table.”

Singer Jillian Taylor states:

“Between the band fleshing it out, and Owen and myself doing double duty with vocal writing, ‘Thruster’ was a no-brainer for the first preview of our new album. Its gallop beat and menacing guitar riff immediately had me envisioning something ominous. We all love old campy horror and sci-fi and have come to picture our music videos as fun short films that should be representative, but not taken too seriously. After re-watching a lot of Grindhouse, creating a storyboard for those visions, and assembling the perfect crew to pull it off (Hayden Hall, Ben Mazz, Don Vincent Ortega, and some of our most badass motorcycle riding friends), all of this came to life (and, as you’ll see, death) in a super fun and uniquely Ruby way.”

Album presale is available here.


1. The Change
2. Deceiver
3. Primitive Man
4. 1,000 Years
5. Soothsayer
6. Last Saga
7. Thruster
8. Amor Gravis

Ruby The Hatchet

Upcoming Live Shows:

02 Aug 2022 Providence, RI (US) Alchemy
03 Aug 2022 Brooklyn, NY (US) Elsewhere
04 Aug 2022 Philadelphia, PA (US) Underground Arts
05 Aug 2022 Pittsburgh, PA (US) Mr. Smalls Theater
06 Aug 2022 Baltimore, MD (US) Metro Gallery
07 Aug 2022 Charlottesville, VA (US) Champion Brewing
08 Aug 2022 Raleigh, NC (US) The Pour House
09 Aug 2022 Atlanta, GA (US) The Earl
10 Aug 2022 Orlando, FL (US) Will’s Pub
12 Aug 2022 Houston, TX (US) White Oak
13 Aug 2022 Austin, TX (US) The Ballroom
14 Aug 2022 Fort Worth, TX (US) Tulips
16 Aug 2022 Albuquerque, NM (US) Sister Bar
17 Aug 2022 Phoenix, AZ (US) The Rebel Lounge
18 Aug 2022 Los Angeles, CA (US) Resident
19 Aug 2022 San Diego, CA (US) Brick By Brick
20 Aug 2022 Las Vegas, NV (US) Psycho


Jillian Taylor – vocals
Johnny Scarps – guitar
Lake Muir – bass
Owen Stewart – drums, vocals
Sean Kahn Hur – keyboards, organ

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Photo courtesy of Ruby The Hatchet.

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