News: Sam Russo Releases Surprise EP ‘Refuse To Lose’ Feat. Alkaline Trio’s Dan Andriano

UK folk-punk singer/songwriter Sam Russo has dropped a surprise EP, Refuse To Lose, featuring Alkaline Trio’s Dan Andriano, via Red Scare Industries. The EP pays tribute to Russo’s 2020 album with punky versions of the record that got blindsided by the pandemic.

Russo’s best LP to date, Back To The Party, was released in March last year just as the pandemic hit, meaning all eyes were unfortunately not on the release, and plans to promote the record: interviews, tours, and festivals were all canceled in one fell swoop. 

So one year later, Russo gathered his pals Garth, Chris, and Dan together to male an EP of punky full-band rock songs. It’s fun, fast, and loud, and it sounds less like Sam’s trademark ballads and more like a day at Hermosa Beach.

Sam Russo Refuse To Lose

Check out the EP, and the anti-playthrough video for “Young Heroes (Anniversary Edition)”, below. 

Red Scare Industries will also be releasing a new EP from The Lillingtons on Friday, April 30, with benefits going to The Lifeline. It features covers of Enemy You songs, as a tribute to late frontman David Jones, who sadly took his own life in 2015. You can pre-order Can Anybody Hear Me? (A Tribute To Enemy You) from the Red Scare store here.

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Images courtesy of Sam Russo.

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