News: Savings Release Inspirational Single ‘How Do You Feel?’

Savings have just released their new single “How Do You Feel?”

This new song was written during the winter of ’23 in preparation for their trip to New York City where they worked with renowned producer Billy Mannino.

“How Do You Feel?” is more than a song; it’s an anthem for today’s youth. In a world where conversations about mental health are becoming more frequent and important, the band wanted to highlight the relevance of this topic in everyday life. The simple yet fundamental question “How do you feel?” encapsulates the essence of the song.

In a statement, Savings said:

“In our experience, we’ve noticed that younger generations are increasingly aware of the importance of looking after their mental health, while often facing resistance from older generations who don’t quite share this perspective. This song reminds us all of the importance of taking care of ourselves, our friends and our loved ones.

Check out Savings’ new single “How Do You Feel?”:

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Photo courtesy of Terry Behal.

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