News: Sawyer Releases New Track Everytime’

This song follows his recent release “graduation” as the up-and-comer continues to build an impressive catalogue.

Sawyer says the new song “was inspired by the experiences I’ve had with people around me and being codependent on them.”

The song meshes genres, blending indie rock and pop rock. The video was shot in the vibrant downtown environment of London.

“Sometimes all that support holds you back,” Sawyer continues. “You get too comfortable and forget to take chances to reach your goals. The song is meant to empower you.”

“Everytime (you go)” follows the late February release of “graduation” that has an interesting blend of alternative rock and pop.

“(It’s) a coming of age narrative that focuses on young love that grows old,” Sawyer concludes.

With an impressive stretch of releases, you know Sawyer has something else cooking. Keep a close eye on his upcoming work here.

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