Selfmadegod Recordings is proud to announce the signing of Swedish grindcore act Grid. The trio from Umea, Sweden was founded in 2014 and formed with a goal to annoy the Umeå-hardcore-elite, but it didn’t take
long until the band found a more refined sound. The band has been to evolve their sound into a more “melodic” type of grindcore with misanthropical lyrics, faster D-Beats, and harder blast beats.

Now the band is ready to share their latest collection of blistering grind tracks on their upcoming album Livsleda. The album will release via Selfmadegod Records on September 11, 2020. 

Livsleda track listing:
1. Indifference
2. I ruinerna av vår ensamhet
3. Disinformation = facts
4. Insatiable
5. Starving For Purpose
6. Livsleda
7. Exile
8. Ritual
9. Doomed

Grid Bandcamp.

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