This time in quarantine has taught a lot of us to connect with people in a variety of new ways. It has also forced artists and bands to collect themselves and come up with new ways to interact with their fans, utilizing the internet. This has inspired Brazilian heavyweights Sepultura to recently launch the SepulQuarta sessions. This is a weekly event where the band will give insight into the band’s colorful history, do a Q&A session and perform a new track live.

SepulQuadra was born out of the necessity to express ourselves in a different way since we’re all facing a new situation. We came with this idea still influenced by the concept of our last album Quadra, using geometry, numerology and numbers. Wednesday, which is the fourth day of the week, was chosen for an event,” explains Kisser.

Join the band every Wednesday at 4PM Brazilian official time (Noon PST and 9PM CET) for a new SepulQuarta!

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