News: Sexless Marriage To Drop Sophomore Full-length ‘This Is Not Love’

Boston hardcore group Sexless Marriage will be releasing their sophomore album, This Is Not Love, due out November 3 via Moment Of Collapse Records. The new album will be the follow up to the band’s debut, self-titled full-length, Sexless Marriage, released back in 2020.

Comprised of veteran musicians Mike Morowitz (Weak Flesh), Greg Weeks (the Red Chord, Umbra Vitae), Chris Bevilacqua (Wormwood, Labor Hex), Chris Johnson (Deafheaven), and Mike McKenzie (Stomach Earth, Wear Your Wounds), the members of Sexless Marriage come together on This Is Not Love to deliver a ferocious concoction of unhinged hardcore and glum punk rock.

This Is Not Love was recorded by Chris Johnson (Cave In, Cult Leader) at New Alliance Audio, and mastered by Zach Weeks (Acid King, Into It. Over It.) at God City.

This Is Not Love Tracklist:

1. Burnt Beginnings
2. Sundowning
3. Abstract Optimist
4. Harsh Light
5. Enduring Love
6. Fortune Favors the Fortunate
7. Cardiac Arrest
8. Brainless Heart
9. Wet Room
10. Tethered
11. Arrogant Pessimist
12. Delicate Flesh
13. Flirting With Disease
14. Tapeworm
15. Tourist of Grief

Listen to “Flirting With Disease” by Sexless Marriage here:

Purchase This Is Not Love here, and follow the band here.

Photo courtesy of Sexless Marriage

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