New Jersey’s power-rock trio, Shades Apart, have announced their return and the release of their first album in almost 20 years. 

Eternal Echo will be released in August and marks the bands’ seventh full-length album, following on from 2001’s Sonic Boom. The album is in the same vein as early releases Seeing Things and Eyewitness“A lot has changed but a lot hasn’t” says vocalist/guitarist Mark V – featuring ten power-pop/rock tracks, and mixed/mastered by Jason Livermore (All, The Ataris, Rise Against).

The trio got back into writing together after a lifelong friend passed away, Kevin Lynch (bass/backing vocals) says: “Getting together for our friend’s passing and playing his tribute show was a reminder of how fragile life can be, and with the shitty things happening all around, playing music gives us a voice again”. Their return is just as much a surprise to them as it will be their fans, drummer Ed Brown comments: “I don’t think any one of us ever imagined we’d be making an album 35 years later”.

Eternal Echo comes out August 28th, on NJ’s own indie label, Hellminded Records. Vinyl pre-orders and the first single from the album are expected to drop soon. Check out the album teaser below, and follow the band on Bandcamp HERE


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