On Monday, Shakey Graves premiered the first video in a series titled Hello Gorgeous. The six-week series will feature history and background on the band, studio footage, and unreleased material. Three mini-docs will air every other Monday with the band streaming more casual videos on the off weeks.

The first video, which the band posted to YouTube, offers some history on Alejandro Rose-Garcia’s founding and growth Shakey Graves, an introduction to his new studio space Hello Gorgeous (from which the video series takes its name), and an unreleased song.

New episodes will post every Monday at 1 p.m. ET. In a message about the premise of the series, Rose-Garcia shared:

“Long ago before we were all trapped in our homes, I started working on a new project. It had been a dream of mine for a while to get my own studio together, a place where I could just flip a switch, and my creative energies could boot to life.

“This dream was realized when I located a small house in Goforth, TX and staked my claim and dubbed it ‘Hello Gorgeous.’ At the same time, I realized that there was a lot I hadn’t explained en masse. How I got to this point, who my cohorts (Boo, Pat, and Jon) were. I had a lot of videos floating about on the internet of me playing music, but none that I had ever created myself.

“So, I got a crew of friends together and decided to capture it as we embarked on creating a new body of work. The result is a three-part documentary/music video project called … you guessed it: Hello Gorgeous.


4/06 – Episode 1: Look Alive
4/13 – Hello Gorgeous Live!…kind of
4/20 – (woah) – Episode 2: The Recipe
4/27 – Hello Gorgeous Live!…but not
5/04 – Episode 3: Under The Hood

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