Indie rocker Shamir has shared a new video for his new single “Diet” off his self-titled album Shamir. The album dropped last year, and pretty much everyone liked it. And why shouldn’t they? It is a good-ass album!

You can check out the video for Shamir’s “Diet” below:

On the concept behind his new video, Shamir offered the following:

“‘Diet’ is a song I never thought I’d make a video for—it wasn’t a single, nor was it planned to be one, but it’s a song that instantly resonated with everyone when the album came out. The origin of the song is pretty dark, taking inspiration from the film ‘My Friend Dahmer,’ but the deeper meaning of the song is less about the gore or even Jeffrey Dahmer and more about the battle we all have with our darker urges and/or neurosis that tend to appear during our adolescence/pubescent years and how that plays a part in developing our moral compass. The video was filmed in different locations around Lake Tahoe in my home state of Nevada.”

Photo courtesy of Shamir.

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