News: Shylmagoghnar Share Music Video for New Album Single ‘Infinion’

One-man atmospheric black metal act Shylmagoghnar presents his new music video for the album single “Infinion.” The song is from the newly released album Convergence. The video showcases Nimblkorg performing the seven-and-a-half-minute epic from the depths of darkness.

Watch the official video of “Infinion” on YouTube:

Nimblkorg shares his thoughts:

“For those who make it beyond the veil awaits ‘Infinion.. The crossroads of all that is and all that will never be. Weary traveler, welcome back.

“Only three more days until the full release of Convergence! Let’s celebrate with a third and final music video release: ‘Infinion’. This is the first full music video that I’ve made by myself. Enjoy the trip.

“I also wish to thank you all again for the beautiful response that the first singles of the album have already been receiving, and for sharing your own experiences with these themes. This album is extremely personal to me and I feel honored to have you all partake in this journey.

“Warm regards, Nim”


Convergence Track Listing:

1. I Hear the Mountain Weep
2. Follow the River
3. Threshold
4. Strata
5. Gardens of the Erased
6. Egregore
7. Infinion
8. Convergence
9. The Sea
10. Becoming


Convergence is available in the following formats:

– 1 CD Jewelcase
– 2 LP Gatefold BLACK
– 2 LP Gatefold Crystal Clear Deluxe Edition
– Digital Album

Order Convergence here.

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Photo courtesy of K.H.M. Bertrand

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