SoCal punks Sic Waiting are back in the studio, recording their follow-up to 2015’s Derailer. They’re working alongside acclaimed producer Cam Webb (NOFX, Motörhead, Kelly Clarkson).

While it’s been over half a decade since Sic Waiting’s last full-length record, their last release was only a few months ago, on the 2020 split with The Decline. The split featured two new tracks from each band. Check it out here.

Vocalist/guitarist Jared Stinson gives a hazy and ambiguous insight into what fans can expect from the new album:

“These songs have been written in the years since Derailer. It’s not really a new direction but it’s also not really the same. I hope people dig it, I dig it. It’s also probably the last thing we’ll do, should’ve quit years ago.”

Keep your eyes on the Sic Waiting socials for updates (but not their website, it got hacked by Arab elitist militants and they kinda just left it), and see Sic Waiting at this year’s Fest in October, hopefully.

Check out this throwback interview we did with the band around the time of Derailer’s release (and their first time playing The Fest!) back in 2015. And while we’re being nostalgic, watch the Ryaner X Sic Waiting San Diego Punk Del Taco Death Match at Punk Rock Bowling 2016 below!

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Image courtesy of Sic Waiting.


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