News: Silverstein And Princess Nokia Team Up For “Madness”

The collaboration we’ve all been waiting for: Silverstein and Princess Nokia. Or maybe no one was waiting for this, but isn’t it exciting? On “Madness” a fairly typical Silverstein track is propelled by the critically-acclaimed young rapper’s verse feature.

The post-hardcore band, who celebrate their 20th anniversary this year, have had a broad influence throughout their now decades long career. Nokia, whose rise to popularity has come in part due to a willingness to include elements of emo and punk in her music, noted the band as an influence prompting a meeting at a Silverstein show in New York City.

They make an effective pairing with Silvestein building up a heavy and thumping track that Nokia joins at its dramatic peak to trade phrases with vocalist Shane Told.

“‘Madness’ was one of the early songs we had musically and it kept evolving until we knew it needed a strong female voice on it to put it over the top,” Told shared in a statement. “The first person we thought of was Princess Nokia. She had an amazing take on the vibe and meaning of the song and absolutely killed the verse.”

“Working on this record was really special to me because I’ve been a fan of this band since I discovered their first two albums,” Nokia adds. “Silverstein holds a special place in my heart. Their first two albums were the soundtrack to my adolescence.”

“Madness” comes from Silverstein’s ninth album, A Beautiful Place To Drown, out this Friday on UNFD.

Pre-order A Beautiful Place To Drown here.

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