Single Mothers released the deluxe reissue of their Juno-nominated album Through a Wall alongside new single “I’m Wrong” on May 8 through Dine Alone Records.

Vocalist Drew Thomson says of the reissue, “I love alternate takes, alternate mixes. Some of my favorite songs are versions that weren’t on the original record. I thought Through A Wall would be a perfect record to revisit and tweak and give a new personality.”

The brutal remaster captures the annihilating sound of Single Mothers. “I’m Wrong” is a relentless track with sonic energy that gets the blood going.

1. Marathon
2. 24/7
3. Dog Parks
4. Switch Off
5. Catch & Release
6. Engine Digital
7. Stoic/Pointless
8. Web
9. Across The Couch
10. Big Scar
11. –
12. Tan Line (Like Passing Through A Wall)
13. Signs
14. Evidence Locker
15. I’m Wrong

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