News: Slipknot Announces 25th Anniversary U.S. Debut Album Tour

Slipknot have announced details of a U.S. tour to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their groundbreaking debut album following a busy week at Sick New World and a gig in front of a few hundred people at an intimate California bar.

The 17-date tour, which will see them joined by Knocked Loose, Orbit Culture, and Vended, will kick off in Noblesville, Indiana on August 6 and conclude in their hometown of Des Moines, Iowa for the annual Knotfest extravaganza.

Clown spoke about Slipknot’s lasting legacy:

“Every time I’ve walked on stage, it’s never been about how many people have been there because my culture, the Maggots, always show up.

“But as we’ve grown as a band, we have had fewer and fewer of those intimate, personal moments, trading them for massive ones. So we’re gonna make it more personal on the anniversary, but how remains to be seen. Just get ready to have your face kicked in. Because we just do what we do, spread that maggot culture—that disease. And you’ve been infected.”

Check out these dates to follow Slipknot on their U.S. tour:

Slipknot U.S. tour 25th Anniversary





















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Photo courtesy of Jonathan Weiner

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