Belgian shoegazers Slow Crush are back to kick off their 2020 with two new songs in the shape of “Reel” and “Pale Skin” on a two-track 7”.

A lot has happened since the band’s 2018 debut ‘Aurora.’ With multiple U.K./European and American tours under their belt alongside Soft Kill, Holy Fawn, Torche, Gouge Away, and Pelican (to name a few)—their continued rise to prominence through hard graft is staggering.

“Reel” effortlessly floats and rumbles in equal measure, expanding on their ’90s, shoegaze, and alt-rock influence with a bewitching, contemporary feel not dissimilar to modern greats Narrow Head, Nothing, and Teenage Wrist.

“Pale Skin” trudges and overwhelms with wave after wave of low end and pounding drums, letting their natural tendency for entrancing melody to bloom within the wall of sound. 

Both songs ensnare the listener, dipping in and out of rhythmic hypnotism and melodious catharsis with an enigmatic look to the future.

The band comments:

“We’ve released Reel / Pale skin 7” through Holy Roar Records on a one-time pressing limited to 1000 copies. With this 7”, we wanted to give something back and have chosen to donate part of the proceeds to a few local charities that support the less fortunate and their fight against poverty. We headed into the studio, in-between our tours with Pelican and Soft Kill, recording ‘Reel’ and ‘Pale Skin’.

“The lyrics on both tracks share the pain of withdrawal, the trials and tribulations we face when coming to terms with the need for change in order to step away from addictions, habits, or behaviors that cause us harm. Whether it be something as plainly, blatantly obvious as the need to recover from alcohol or substance abuse, or a habit that appears so socially accepted that you may not even realize it is taking control and limiting your potential, such as addiction to social media, a problematic relationship with food, or always wanting to please people and putting your own (mental) health in second place.

“It’s easy to take for granted, but everyone is going through something in their lives that can make them feel unhappy, and it may be harder to admit you need help for the smaller stuff. What I think I’m trying to say is, be kind to yourself, and look out for one another.”


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