San Diego’s Slow Draw have released an animated, teaser video for their upcoming Pessimist EP. It contains the chorus of the title track, and you can watch it below. 

Slow Draw started out as a solo project of sorts for guitarist/vocalist Todd Allen. It was a way to work on some songs that didn’t really fit in with his melodic punk band Squarecrow.

Allen says, “The songs felt like they pulled even more from my random influences of new wave, neo-rockabilly, Americana, and alt-country. The Punk element still felt present, but it sat firmly alongside the other influences rather than at the forefront.”

Eventually, more members were added, and Slow Draw became a full band project. Pessimist is the product of that collaboration.

“‘Pessimist’ and ‘Glorious’ are the first songs to be released with the full lineup involved during the writing and recording process. I consider these songs to be the actual formal introduction of Slow Draw to the world. They represent what the vision of the band is and what is to come,” Allen says.

Slow Draw will drop Pessimist on January 11 as a joint release between Paper Street Cuts, GTG Records and Rizkan Records.


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