News: Smooth Brain Release ‘No Pressure’

Rising pop-punk stars Smooth Brain release an uplifting new single, “No Pressure.” The self-released song from the New York-area band backs plenty of punch, highlighted by the phenomenal vocals of Izzy Gunn.

“’No Pressure’ is about feeling the ultimate level of comfort and happiness in any relationship, whether it be best friends or lovers,” Gunn says.

The music video follows the band as they bond as best friends, hanging out at a bowling alley, playing arcade games, and just having a good time.

“This song means a lot to me because I wrote it when I felt it for the first time in a relationship—usually only my best friends can make me feel so comfortable,” Gunn continues.

“No Pressure,” which follows up Smooth Brain’s debut album Broken Record, which was produced, mixed and mastered by the same people behind scene standouts Pinkshift, Stray From The Path, Loveless and more.

Speaking of Pinkshift, Smooth Brain will support them on April 1, in Stroudsburg, PA. For more information on the band and tickets, click here.

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