News: Smoulder Premiere Single ‘Victims Of Fate’

Smoulder, the reigning lords of sweeping, epic metal, have dropped their second single entitled “Victims Of Fate.” Smolder’s new record, Violent Creed Of Vengeance, drops April 21 via Cruz Del Sur Music. There’s no doubt that the album is the next logical progression after Times of Obscene Evil.

Vocalist Sarah Ann states:

“I used to loathe when bands used the word ‘mature.” The same goes for when bands say ‘This is our best album,’ but…. this album is mature and better than the debut.”

Violent Creed Of Vengeance refers to frontwoman Sarah Ann’s view of the pandemic and its impact on social progress as well as a reference to the misogyny and rape culture she still sees existing in the world.

Renowned artist Michael Whelan (Cirith Ungol, Obituary, Sepultura) did the cover art for Violent Creed Of Vengeance.

Whelan’s artwork helped shape the album’s theme of vengeance, particularly Sarah Ann’s pointed lyrics about taking revenge on misogynists and rapists, their enablers and the indifference of those who excuse such behavior.

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