News: Social Order Release New EP ‘Tantalize’

Social Order, a band fronted by Metro Station’s Mason Musso, released its new EP Tantalize. The five-song collection includes the title song that features Johnny Dynamite and the Bloodsuckers.

“After watching the Alex Lee Moyer documentary (TFW NO GF) & the film (HER) I started writing Tantalize,” Musso says.” “There’s a huge wave of AI models, and what I find crazy is the amount of fans they have. People are obsessed with them.”

The EP is certainly turning heads, helping propel the band’s streaming numbers. It includes the band’s most listened to track “Boys.”

“The idea of being completely captivated by someone who doesn’t exist.. I thought that was a perfect concept for a song,” Musso continues.

If you’ll be in Las Vegas at the end of the month, you can catch Social Order at the Back Stage Bar and Billiards on October 28. And yes, in the past, the band has played Metro Station songs live.

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