News: Soul Glo Share Performance Video for Cathartic ‘Thumbsucker’ from ‘Diaspora Problems’ 8/9

Experimental hardcore band Soul Glo drop the video for another killer tracks off of Diaspora Problems, “Thumbsucker,” today. The frenzied, high-intensity track is accompanied by a live performance video of equal caliber, drawing from emotional reflections of childhood experiences and traumas that served as inspiration for the song.

Soul Glo Vocalist Pierce Jordan shares opinion:

“[Diaspora Problems] are ruminations on my lifelong (over)sensitivity emotionally and how I, throughout my childhood, compensated for it. Like anyone my age, I was trying to fit into society and culture of the ’90s/2000s in a family who was raised between the ’40s and ’70s. The time and places a person comes up in obviously shape who a person becomes, good, bad, and ugly, better or worse. ‘Thumbsucker’ is basically the result of a series of ‘aha!’ moments from introspection and therapy.”

Watch the official video of ‘Thumbsucker’ on YouTube:

“Thumbsucker” follows recent music video releases “Gold Chain Punk (whogonbeatmyass?)” and fan favorite, “Driponomics.”

Soul Glo is on tour with Show Me The Body, dates and tickets are available here.

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Photo courtesy of Soul Glo.

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