News: Speed Metal Unit Knife Reveal Third New Single, ‘No Gods In The Dark’

Speed metal maniacs Knife have released a third single off of their new album Heaven Into Dust, accompanied by a lyric video.

Watch the lyric video for the new single “No Gods in the Dark” on YouTube:

The band share their thoughts:

“Bangers! The time has come! We’ll give you another rager off this record. ‘No Gods in the Dark,’ the furious album closer, a story of a nightmare come true that will lead you straight into the darkness…”

Heaven Into Dust

Order Heaven Into Dust here.

Knife Live 2023:

01.09.23 DE – Merseburg / Merseburger Rocknacht
22.09.23 DE – Osnabrück / Hyde Park
23.09.23 DE – Berlin / Greetings From Hell
30.09.23 DE – Emden / Coastrock Festival
04.11.23 DE – Osterode/Harz / United Forces Festival
25.11.23 DE – Unna / Metal Force Attack V
02.12.23 DE – Kassel / Masters of Cassel

Evil Obsession Tour

w/ Sodom

27.12.23 DE – Oberhausen / Turbinenhalle 2
28.12.23 DE – Heidelberg / Halle02
29.12.23 DE – Regensburg / Eventhall Airport
30.12.23 DE – Erfurt / Central

Knife Live 2024

23.03.24 BE – Aalst / Oilsjt Omploft Fest


Ferli Coltello – Drums
Laz Cultro – Guitars
Vince Nihil – Vocals
Gypsy Danger – Bass

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Photo courtesy of Samira Chiara Tax

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