News: Spiritual Cramp release final single from self-titled debut album, “Better off This Way”

Spiritual Cramp have released their final single from their upcoming self-titled debut, “Better Off This Way.” The album, Spiritual Cramp, will be released November 3rd, 2024 via Blue Grape Music.

The single “Better Off This Way” has spawned a corresponding music video, complete with an epic shoot-em-up style plot line.

Spiritual Cramp, produced by band members Michael Bingham and Michael Fenton, is a reflection of their upbringing in San Francisco’s Bay Area. Described as a “Talking Heads meet Big Audio Dynamite meets Clash-styled punk”, Spiritual Cramp’s self-titled debut provides listeners with a unique experience, complete with hip hop production and reggae inspiration.

Spiritual Cramp have received praise from many notable music acts for being being a band who stays true to themselves, oftentimes described as being a “band in their own lane.”


  1. Blowback
  2. Slick Rick
  3. Talkin’ on the Internet
  4. Herberts on Holiday
  5. City On Fire
  6. Better Off This Way
  7. Clashing At The Party
  8. Catch a Hot One
  9. Can I Borrow Your Lighter?
  10. Addict

Pre-orders for Spiritual Cramp are available here.

Photo Courtesy of Carlos Gonzalez 

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