News: Spitboy Discography on the Way

Feminist punk progenitors Spitboy are set to release their complete discography, Body of Work (1990-1995) on June 25th. It will be the first time that the complete set has been made available digitally and on streaming platforms. For vinyl junkies, it will also be pressed on red marbled double LP via Don Giovanni Records. Pre-order here, and listen to “In Your Face” below. 

The thing that’s striking about Spitboy is how far ahead of their time they were. The Lookout! Records mainstays were singing (and screaming and shouting) about issues that wouldn’t reach the mainstream for another couple of decades. In their relatively short existence, they were a rare outsider voice in a sea of punk masculinity.

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong says it best. “They were one of those bands that were a prequel to what the future was becoming. Feminism, human rights, animal rights, environmental protection, gender issues.” He adds, “Spitboy were singing about these issues 30 fucking years ago. I’m so grateful to have witnessed it.”

The timing of this release seems ideal, as nostalgia for all things Lookout! continues to soar. Body of Work (1990-1995) also includes extensive liner notes by Billie Joe Armstrong and Vique Simba, and graphic design by Martin Sorrondeguy from Los Crudos and Limp Wrist. In move that pretty sums up everything that Spitboy were about, all proceeds will benefit National Women’s Law Center.

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