News: SSD Announce Reissue of Iconic Album

Influential hardcore group SSD have announced the reissue of their long out-of-print classic, The Kids Will Have Their Say. Often regarded as the first straight-edge album, the band’s debut from 1982 paved the way for hardcore in Boston and beyond, representing the raw and unfiltered sound of hardcore at a point of its earliest stages of development.

After being out of print for 40 years, the album is going to be available on streaming services for the first time ever and will be released on vinyl by Trust Records on November 17. The deluxe version has been meticulously updated with remastered audio and a painstaking recreation of the iconic cover art, done by Bryan Ray Turcotte.

SSD guitarist Al Barile states: “We only did one pressing of 1,900 copies, and then I shut it down after the first pressing. Even back then within a couple of years, if people wanted it, they couldn’t get it, but I guess what surprises me is that people still want it. People on YouTube copy it all the time and put it up there, and I never once complained to them about copyright violations or stuff like that.”

SSD and Trust Records worked with director Coan Buddy Nichols for an entirely new visual for the track “How Much Art,” with the remastered audio. The official video includes various unseen SSD photos and can be watched below.

The Kids Will Have Their Say Deluxe Reissue Track List:


1. Boiling Point
2. Fight Them
3. Do You Even Care
4. Not Normal
5. Wasted Youth
6. Jock Itch
7. Fun to You
8. V.A.
9. How Much Art


10. The Kids Will Have Their Say
11. Headed Straight
12. War Threat
13. Teach Me Violence
14. Screw
15. Who’s to Judge
16. Police Beat
17. United
18. The End

The Kids Will Have Their Say Deluxe Reissue sees its release across all digital retailers and vinyl on November 17. Trust has also worked with SSD to design an official merch line, including two new options of the classic SSD logo shirt and shorts, which you can purchase here.

Watch the video for “How Much Art” by SSD here:

Preorder the deluxe edition of The Kids Will Have Their Say here

Photo courtesy of Philin Phlash

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