News: Stand Atlantic Release New Single “SEX ON THE BEACH”

Stand Atlantic have released their new single, “SEX ON THE BEACH,” via Hopeless Records.

The Australian quartet have outdone themselves on their new track by mixing various genres, tones, and textures they’ve created a song unlike anything they’ve done thus far. This track comes to audiences as the first single released since February’s “kill[h]er,” a dark, gritty track that fit perfectly into a post f.e.a.r. (Stand Atlantic’s 2022 album) world.

Complete with lyrical content regarding the music industry, Stand Atlantic hold nothing back with “SEX ON THE BEACH”:

Everybody out here tryna be famous
Couldn’t give a f*ck what your name is, shameless

A far departure from their first introduction into the music scene, Stand Atlantic prepared audiences via social media, stating, “Forget everything you knew about Stand Atlantipanties.”

Stand Atlantic will be finishing up their European tour by the end of November in support of Waterparks.

Fans can listen to SEX ON THE BEACH here.

Image courtesy of Stand Atlantic

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