New York pop rockers State Champs celebrated 10 years together by revealing new music from their upcoming EP State Champs Unplugged. The release includes “Crying Out Loud” and an acoustic version of “Criminal.”

“‘Crying Out Loud’ took us the longest to get to a place where we truly felt excited about the song.,” says vocalist Derek DiScanio. “Once we got there, we knew this emotionally-heavy-yet-upbeat tune about breakup, loneliness, and moving on would be a solid single.” 

In addition to an acoustic version of “Criminal,” the EP also has a new take on “Dead and Gone.” The record represents the eclectic and diverging tastes of the four-piece band, including their passion for country, pop, and everything in between.  

“The Unplugged EP is special for us for many reasons, one main reason being the writing process. We feel like we really went back to our roots, you know, just the band, in a room with an acoustic guitar, writing songs and having fun,” adds DiScanio. “We tend to execute our best material in an environment that is stress-free and organic. Our fans have been asking for new, acoustic, stripped-down material for quite some time; we’re happy to say it’s here.”

This is State Champs’ follow-up to the acclaimed Living Proof. The 13-track collection received acclaim from both the press and fans, securing the #9 Top Current Albums, #28 Top 200, and #3 Rock Billboard charting positions. State Champs recently partnered with HeadCount to offer a 50 percent discount on tickets to the 10-Year Anniversary Variety Show for fans that registered to vote. State Champs are also dedicating their platform to champion the Black Lives Matter movement. 

“There’s an incredible movement happening right now in our country and throughout the world. Black voices that are tired of the injustice, the discrimination, the inequality, louder than ever in a choir fighting to be seen and accepted without prejudice, and it’s long overdue,” share the band on social media. “We are excited to lend our voices and support alongside those protesting, donating, making petitions, gathering and distributing resources, and raising awareness. It’s time to listen, learn, and act because it’s time for a change.” 

State Champs are Derek DiScanio (vocals), Tyler Szalkowski (guitar), Ryan Scott Graham (bass) and Evan Ambrosio (drums). Their Unplugged EP is set to drop August 14 through Pure Noise Records.

State Champs Unplugged EP Track Listing

  1. A Thousand Hearts
  2. The Recipe
  3. 10 AM
  4. Crying Out Loud
  5. Criminal
  6. Dead and Gone

Stream the new singles and pre-order  here.

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