News: SteppenDoom Release Self-titled Album

SteppenDoom will release their new, self-titled album, SteppenDoom, November 18 with Magnetic Eye Records. SteppenDoom were conceived a decade ago by three-time Grammy Award winner, audio engineer, sound designer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Marc Urselli.

With the project, Urselli brings together an unlikely paring of eminent musicians from across the doom metal genre and legendary indigenous singers employing ancient throat signing traditions from around the globe.

Listen to SteppenDoom’s “Etugen Eke & Od Ana” (Feat. Matt Pike (Sleep/High On Fire) and Batzorig Vaanchigfirst “Zorigoo”) on YouTube:

Marc Urselli’s SteppenDoom features contributions from Matt Pike (Sleep, High On Fire), Aaron Aedy (Paradise Lost), Steve Von Till (Neurosis), Christopher Juul (Heilung), Dave Chandler (Saint Vitus), Lori S. (Acid King), and Scott “Wino” Weinrich (The Obsessed) from the metal side, as well as masters of throat singing such as Alash Ensemble, Batzorig Vaanchig “Zorigoo,” Huun-Huur-Tu, Tanya Tagaq, Albert Kuvezin (Yat-Kha), and Alexey Tegin.

The record demands to be listened to with non-prejudiced ears and an open mind. While the album and its songs may require some time to properly absorb, they ultimately reveal a stunning beauty.

Listen to SteppenDoom’s “Tamag & Ocmah” (Feat. Steve Von Till (Neurosis) & Albert Kuvezin (Yat-Kha) on YouTube:

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Photo courtesy of SteppenDoom

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