News: STMNTS Release Debut EP ‘Tendencies’

STMNTS (pronounced Statements) released their debut EP Tendencies, including singles “Handpainted” and “I Don’t Even Want To Be Around Anymore.” The, new five-piece emotive pop-punk outfit hails from Baltimore, Maryland.

“I’m hoping that people will give this EP a chance and hopefully have some people be into it,” the band say. “We haven’t been a band for very long, and we’re really excited to get these out, both for ourselves and for anyone who decides to keep playing the songs.”

STMNTS formed in 2022, picking top-tier, scene musicians in the Baltimore area. Vocalist Liam King leads the way on the mic. Lead guitarist Drew Chiodo is flanked by rhythm guitarist Jamie Black and bassist Josh Pelc. Drummer Shawn Smyth paces the band on drums.

The album is in good hands with Jeff McKinnon as the lead producer with assistants from Evan Seeberger.

Keep a close on upcoming show announcements from STMNTS here. 

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