U.K. electronica-punks Strange Bones have dropped their new single, “ENGLAND SCREAMS,” the title track from their upcoming debut album out August 20 via FRKST / 300 Entertainment.

The track is an anthemic and ferocious example of their unique blend of punk rock and electronica while lyrically focusing on the ever-changing thought process behind human behavior.

Frontman Bobby Bentham explains:

“It’s like we’re living in a pantomime; everyone is waiting and expecting for something shocking to happen. It’s a reality TV show. England Screams. Society’s paradigm of a typical human being is breaking down, constantly changing, in some amazing ways, in a new world which feels more authoritarian than ever. It’s as if we’re moving forwards and backwards at the same time, an insane contradiction that is fueled by the hyper-normal behavior of the press and the state, which are inevitably the same thing.”

Strange Bones England Screams Single
“England Screams” single artwork

ENGLAND SCREAMS was written, produced, mixed, and engineered by Bentham, and marks the band’s most ambitious work to date. The album is their first full-length release with FRKST, an imprint of 300 Entertainment run by Johnny Stevens, frontman of the band Highly Suspect. 

Expanding on the album themes, Bentham says:

“The idea for ENGLAND SCREAMS album came from trying to understand the relationship between order and chaos, the two factions that fly different flags but create balance when they meet in battle. I’m not afraid of taking things to extremes, which aligns with the highs and lows of not just songwriting, but life in general. It’s where I feel comfortable when creating, completely outside of my comfort zone, Which asks the question if there was ever a comfort zone there to begin with.”

Strange Bones England Screams Album
ENGLAND SCREAMS album artwork

On FRKST’s involvement with the band, Johnny Stevens comments:

“My friends usually tell me how happy they are for me that I created FRKST as a new home for artists … but sometimes, it feels like they’re really saying, ‘Awwwww that’s cute; good for you …’ Then I show them Strange Bones. That’s when their mouths start to hang open, and they don’t know what to say. England Screams is no fucking joke.”

Check out “England Screams” below, stream the single here, and preorder ENGLAND SCREAMS here.

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