Bay Area post-punk band Street Eaters have released their new EP, Simple Distractions, via their own Nervous Intent Records.

Street Eaters were formed by Megan March (Drums, Vocals) and John No (Bass, Vocals), with guest guitarist Stevo (also of Tony Molina Band) joining them on this new EP. Adding a guitar to the mix has always been an unspeakable act in the past, but Simple Distractions marks a new era for the band.

The band explain:

“While we were on tour with Screaming Females, Marissa (Paternoster) asked us if we wanted to cover Gang of Four’s “Love Like Anthrax” with her live as kind of a segue from our set into the Screamales, and over the course of a few weeks of wild feedback and the energy of playing with such a shredder it sounded really good and we got addicted. When we got home we mulled it over and decided that would be a fun direction – we figured after 10+ years a band should be able to do whatever the hell they want.”

Street Eaters EP

Now joined full-time by guitarist Joan DeToro, Street Eaters are currently in a pod fine-tuning material for their next album, creating more videos and art, and collaborating with other bands for releases on Nervous Intent Records.

Check out the video for the title track below, and listen to/purchase the full EP here.

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Images courtesy of Street Eaters.


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