California based extreme metal titans Suicide Silence will release their sixth studio album, Become The Hunter, on February 14, 2020 via Nuclear Blast. 

Become The Hunter was produced by Steve Evetts at The Omen Room and mixed by Josh Wilbur. Ted Jensen mastered the album at Sterling Sound Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. The artwork for the album was created by Adrian Baxter.

Become The Hunter track listing:

01. Meltdown
02. Two Steps
03. Feel Alive
04. Love Me To Death
05. In Hiding
06. Death’s Anxiety
07. Skin Tight
08. The Scythe
09. Serene Obscene
10. Disaster Valley
11. Become The Hunter

Last week, the band released a music video for opening track “Meltdown,” which introduces the album utilizing throwback elements from the band’s earlier sound, ripping through blast beats and one hell of a sinister breakdown.

Later last week, Suicide Silence released a second video for “Love Me To Death” which also shows the band reverting back to their older representation of sound. The song presents crashing waves of breakdowns, a monstrous tone, and Eddie Hermida screaming his head off. It ends with a cameo appearance from Jared Dines making humorous light of the infamously ridiculed “teehee” vocal line taken from the single “Doris” off the band’s last self-titled release.

Both singles combined see the band merging together a healthy dose of classic Suicide Silence elements spanning across the band’s discography, something plenty of fans will most likely appreciate. Using these two singles as examples, they sound nearly unrecognizable from the bands last self-titled effort, on which the band worked with renowned producer Ross Robinson to create a more raw and nu-metal approach to their sound.

The band took many risks, including a cleaner singing style and departure from the band’s death metal roots, ultimately receiving many negative reviews. It will be very interesting to see where the rest of this album takes the listener and how the people will respond to Become The Hunter as a whole, as this stuff sounds really good.

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