Season of Mist and Scandinavian multi-instrumentalist Sylvaine, recently hosted a live metal Yoga session on YouTube, entitled “Warrior”. During these times of uncertainty, Sylvaine gives weekly Yoga sessions, to offer respite and calm for her viewers.

Sylvaine comments on the session:

I started doing yoga myself a few years ago, as a way to deal with anxiety and physical tensions, directly connected to playing concerts and working as a professional musician. After a mini-tour we did with Harakiri For The Sky in 2017, I was looking to find a way to soften and strengthen my body, as well as calm my mind. That’s when yoga came into my life and it hasn’t left me since. For the past years, I’ve practiced more or less daily, something that truly changed my life for the better. I soon realized it’s something I want to share with others, in hopes that it can bring something positive into their lives, just like it did for me. I’m really excited to team up with Season of Mist to create a special yoga session I’ve named “Warrior”, to spread the practice of yoga to our common metal community. The class will be available to all levels, and will focus around breath work, softening and energizing the body. Truly can’t wait to practice together!

Last year, Sylvaine was nominated for a Spellemannprisen, often referred to as the Norwegian Grammy Award, for her 2018 full-length, Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone. Sylvaine is the very first woman ever to be nominated in the Metal category of the award since the Spellemannprisen’s inception in 1972. 

Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone is available to order from Season of Mist HERE.


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