Richmond VA punks Talk Me Off have announced their new EP, Abyss, will be released April 20 via Smartpunk Records. They’ve released the first single from it, “Counting Days”.

Talk Me Off give their own spin on skate punk, with two lead singers of the opposite sex, spitting their relatable lyrics. “Counting Digits” focuses on the ongoing societal frustration and battle between women and “social norms”. 

Talk Me Off Abyss

Vocalist/guitarist Holly Herzog comments on the new single:

“Counting Digits is expressing my frustration with the Diet industry and with the expectations of people, especially women, to look a certain way. As someone who has struggled with their weight my whole life, it is a constant battle of learning to love myself how I am and hating myself because my body is not what society says is attractive. The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that exists to make money, not to make people healthy. It is a toxic environment that is shoved down our throats by celebrities, social media ads, and judgmental people who are ill-informed of what is healthy.”

Bassist/vocalist Ryan Cacophony adds:

“I think this new EP truly defines our sound. The first single (Counting Digits) is fast and dark with relatable lyrics. Something we’ve always tried to do, but I think this song in particular really nails that TMO formula.”

Talk Me Off met while playing in a Screeching Weasel cover band for a children’s hospital charity back in 2017. After deciding to start their own band and write their own music, they’ve released an EP, a full length, and played with the likes of Off With Their Heads, Night Birds, The Lillingtons, and The Lawrence Arms. The new EP, Abyss, will be released in partnership with Smartpunk Records, Swamp Cabbage, Gunner, and Wallride Records.

Check out “Counting Digits” below, and pre-save Abyss here.

Images courtesy of Talk Me Off.


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