LA shoegaze band Teenage Wrist have announced their new album, Earth Is A Black Hole, will be released via Epitaph Records on February 12.

The band already released the first single from Earth Is A Black Hole, “Silverspoon”, and have now shared the title track from the album. 

The band are working with a new line-up for this sophomore release, now working as a duo, with Marshall Gallagher taking the helm as guitarist and vocalist, and Anthony Salazar on drums.

The result is evidence of the band’s evolution since 2018’s debut Chrome Neon Jesus, introducing more synths, drum samples, and electronica, as well as modern rock influences, to the shoegaze sound Teenage Wrist have become known for. 

Teenage Wrist EIABH

Another concept album of sorts, Earth Is A Black Hole could be perceived as a sequel to the coming of age theme of Chrome Neon Jesus, looking at the ideology that nothing lasts forever with a positive perspective.

Gallagher comments: 

“Everything will eventually disappear into nothing and that can make you feel small and insignificant. But that same fact should be motivation to tell the people who are important to you that you love them and savor these beautiful moments in your life because they’re never coming back. All we have is this moment and that’s the most important thing: To be present and be positive and transcend the black hole bullshit because it’s all going to end one day.”

Check out “Earth Is A Black Hole” below, and pre-order the album on your chosen music service here.

Earth Is A Black Hole Track Listing
1. Squeeze (Intro)
2. Taste Of Gasoline
3. New Emotion
4. Yellowbelly
5. Silverspoon
6. Wear U Down
7. High Again
8. Wasting Time
9. Earth Is A Black Hole
10. Stella

Images courtesy of Epitaph Records


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