News: Teenage Wrist Release New Song “Diorama”

Neo-grunge band Teenage Wrist released a new single called Diorama. The new track follows on the heels of their single “Sunshine,” released earlier this year.

“It’s about seeing the world through your own microscopic lens, and how all the insignificance, irony and existential dread are magnified by the technology we’ve become dependent on,” says the bands vocalist, guitarist, and bassist Marshall Gallagher. “We all know this feeling, looking at your phone for hours, watching everything unfold and crumble. All the tragedy and injustice outside your walls, and the feeling of utter uselessness against it. Yet life goes on and you continue existing.”

As for the musical style of the song, Marshall says that came about almost by accident at their producer Nat Motte’s house. “I played this weird chord/melody thing out of nowhere and when he pitch-shifted it down a whole octave, I knew it had to be a Wrist song immediately,” he says.

Check out the really trippy animated video for the song:

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